Transparency is the New Objectivity: An Interview with Indira Lakshmanan

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JNP sits down with Indira Lakshmanan to discuss the problem of "fake news," the difficulty of reporting on politics in the era of President Trump, the erosion of trust in the news media, and how that trust might be re-established. Indira Lakshmanan is a Washington DC-based columnist for the Boston Globe, writing about foreign policy and politics, and the Newmark Chair for Journalism Ethics at the Poynter Institute. You can read her most recent work at

An Interview with Craig Silverman, BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed's News Editor, Craig Silverman, has been on the trail of fake news for years. In this installment of <modern_media> JNP talks with Silverman, about fake news: What it is, where it comes from, the economic and political impulses for creating and sharing it, and what we can do about it. For more on Craig Silverman's work, click here (

"Antelopes and Jaguars: A Discussion with Riley Ray Robbins"

JNP talks with Riley Ray Robbins, a Development Executive at Back Roads Entertainment, about the varied roles of reality television in contemporary television culture - as it relates to the current wave of high-end production, the politics of representation, the current state of the media industries, and the not-so-surprising spectacle of modern politics.

Here's Why You Should Care: An Interview With Dana Ferguson of The Argus Leader

In this installment of <modern_media> JNP talks with Dana Ferguson, the political reporter for The Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dana discusses the varied roles of a print journalist in the age of digital distribution, her early attraction to print journalism, and importance of student media in training good storytellers. You can access Dana's stories for The Argus Leader here.

Seeing in All Directions: An Interview with Ben Solomon of The New York Times

In this installment of <modern_media> JNP talks with multimedia journalist Ben Solomon of The New York Times about the emerging world of virtual reality storytelling as a tool for journalists. Solomon discusses the possibilities as well as the limitations of emerging VR technologies for journalists as well as the larger ethical stakes in telling stories about tragedy. His VR report, "Fight for Fallujah" can be found here. Solomon won a Pultizer Prize in 2015 as part of team working in Sierra Leone and Liberia on the Ebola outbreak. His prize-winning video can be accessed here